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750 KVA

Diesel Generating Set capable of developing  750 kVA / 600 KW, at 0.8 PF, 3 PH, 4 Wire, 415 V, 50 Hz, Prime Power rating power available in a variable load application (10% overload available for one hour in twelve hours ) at  a rotational speed of 1500 RPM.



PERKINS 4006 23TADG2A Diesel Engine, Six Cylinder inline arrangement, 4 stroke generating gross power of 894 BHP providing governing to BS5514.


The engine is supplied with:


Digital Electronic Governing system.

Unit fuel injectors with lift pump.

Full flow spin-on fuel oil filters.

Standard duty air filter.

Standard manufacturer lubricating oil filters full flow spin on-type.

Engine mounted detector switches, alarm & shutdown for

       Low Oil pressure

       High Water temperature

       Engine Overspeed.

Gear driven water pump complete with thermostatic bypass valve.

Twin thermostats

Radiator with fan,( Powder coated ) pulley, fan belts and safety guard.

  • Lube Oil sump with drain plug
  • Close tolerance quick response Engine governing system
  • 24V DC starter motor


Leroy Somer / Crompton single bearing @1500 RPM, 50 Hz with IP23 protection, Class H insulation having standard terminal box, suitable for flexible load cabling, 3 phase, 4 wire, voltage as specified. The Steady state voltage regulation shall be within ± 1% from no load to full load.


The base frame is fully welded, heavy duty rolled steel channel for engine and alternator mounting and shall be rigid and free from twist to ensure that proper alignment between components is maintained, and incorporates suitable lifting arrangements.


Rubber type AVM’s are supplied between the Engine / Alternator and the baseframe.

Fuel tank

Fabricated of 14 SWG Sheet Metal, of required Capacity, with Inlet & Outlet arrangement with air vent & drain plug arrangement.

Engine Instruments:


Coolant temperature

Lubricating oil pressure

Engine Hourmeter

Battery Volts - Digital


Other key features:


Emergency stop

Common alarm volt free contact (for use by others)

Generator ready to load volt free contact (for use by others)


Acoustic Enclosure :-


The complete Genset will be supplied in a totally enclosed and sound attenuated enclosure duly modified and sound attenuated. The complete DG Set will meet the current CPCB noise limit of 75 dB at one metre distance under the conditions defined in the CPCB notification. The Acoustic enclosure / container will be complete with the following :


  • Hinged doors are provided, on either side, which are also  acoustically treated, thereby providing easy access to the DG set while minimizing the operating space requirements. The doors are  provided with high quality EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of sound . The door handles & hinges are  zinc plated & lockable.
  • The construction of the acoustic enclosure is such that with acoustic doors open on the either side, full access is available to engine and  alternator.
  • For fresh air inlet into the system a parallel baffle / louver system is provided.
  • For hot air discharge, an acoustic discharge plenum is provided in front of the engine radiator, for discharge of hot air into the surroundings through a parallel baffle/louver arrangement. Exhaust  air  is routed thru' a residential silencer. 
  • It is ensured that sufficient clear space is available all around the Acoustic Enclosure to ensure free air flow for the Genset as required and to facilitate accessibility for generator operation and routine maintenance.
  • Adequate ventilation is provided to meet the air requirement for combustion and also to expel heat out of the enclosure.
  • The radiator fan of the water cooled engines is used for ventilation.
  • Two light points controlled by a switch are provided inside the enclosure.
  • Necessary openings are provided for the entry of power cable/bus trunking & control cables, fuel piping, exhaust piping, air inlet pipe etc.
  • Genset/engine control panel is visible from out  side the enclosure. Small see through window for reading meters etc. made of transparent polymer sheet of appropriate thickness is provided .
  • Fuel day tank is incorporated inside the canopy. Exhaust piping inside enclosure is suitably lagged(except bellow)
  • To avoid re-circulation of hot air, durable sealing between radiator & canopy is provided.

Works Test

Diesel Engine and Alternator are individually tested at the respective manufacturers works before despatch. We shall provide test certificates for the same at the time of supply.Our standard works test procedures for complete DG Set are included.

Witnessing of works tests is available on request and is charged extra . (travel/accommodation expenses are by the client).

DG SIZE (LBH) 7600 x 2300 x 2300 mm
ROOM SIZE 10000 x 5000 x 3500 mm
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