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Accoustic Enclosure


High class sheet metal fabricated enclosure for reducing the noise level of DG set & also acts as weather proof housing. Genset will be a integral part of acoustic enclosure and whole construction will be multi-fold sheet channels & ISMC sections. Enclosure construction is fully bolted keeping in view the major service requirements all doors are provided with specially designed hinges and lockable handles, Battery, & Control Panel is housed inside the enclosure, where as Fuel tank, outside the acoustic enclosure.


Rock wool in the form of slabs of 50 -100 mm thickness and 64 KG Metres cube density, Compressed along with 4 mm thick vinyl sheet and nonferrous sheet. The 3 mm thick Vinyl sheet is pasted on the inside of the outer wall for anti-draining effect. Non ferrous lead sheet 0.4 mm is sandwiched between Rock wool layers. Specification of Rock wool conforms to IS 8183. Further to increase the life of Acoustic material resin coated fiber glass cloth is provided on exposed surface of Rock wool slabs and the panels are supported by perforated sheets.


Weather proof and anti-corrosion treatment provided to the entire structure i.e.2 coats of epoxy primer, after sand – blasting followed by 2 coats of epoxy paint of durability, dependability and longer life.


Acoustic enclosure is designed in such a way that there are no hot pockets around engine and it is provided with suitable designed engine radiator / or additional axial flow fan and does not allow the temperature to rise more than 7 o C., above ambient temperature besides this provision are make in such a way that engine gets combustion air & cooling air within Max.+5 o C of ambient temperature. To achieve optimam output and minimum sound level from the DG set, suitable opening with acoustic hoods are provide for increasing the inflow of air required for combustion & forced ventilation. Air intake and Exhaust fans or single unit velocity Axial flow fans as per the recommendations and engine requirement are provided.

  • Fan blade size with speed of 900 – 2800 RPM depending on the requirement.Acoustic hoods with noise splitters provided to block and reduce the sound leakage.
  • The sound control system designed to suppress the sound level to 75 db maximumat 3 metres distance.

Specially designed low noise silencer is provided. Silencer & engine exhaust outlet, Connected with flexible SS below.

  •   The container is modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily.
  •   The container is fabricated 16 / 18 SWG-CRCA-sheet. The sheet metal components are pretreated and is P.P. based coated (inside as well outside) for long life.    All nuts and bolts, hardware are Zinc coated.
  •   Fuel tank provided with breather, drain plugs for draining mobile oil and diesel &with the level Indicator.



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